Restless Slumber

If you've listened to any of my other tracks from 2005, you might have noticed that I tend to use a very specific piano sample. Fact is, I absolutely love that sample and used it a lot that year. Restless Slumber came to be as a result of that love.

This song actually taught me a lot about using the lower registers on a piano for good effect. One or two open notes on a low key can do a lot even if not much else is happening in the song at the time. Disharmony on the higher notes serves as a nice counterpoint to this, creating a somewhat somber mood.

I took a big chance with the bass here. On certain stereos it can be almost painful to listen to, while on others it will sound pleasant and relaxing. If it sounds like the plaster is about to come off your walls while playing this, perhaps you might want to consider turning down the bass?