Odyssey Part 1

A remix of the title theme from the famous Odyssey demo on the Amiga. The original track was made by Greg of Alcatraz.

The remix was made entirely with EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Plus Play Edition in Renoise, and was a real bitch to export. From the point where I started exporting the finished track until I had the final MP3 on my HD took me 6 hours. I'd say the entire track took me about 30 hours of work spread over a period of a few months.

This is also probably the biggest orchestral arrangement I've made so far. It's so big that I couldn't load the entire song in 24-bit mode in the end, and instead had to split it up into 4 parts so that my computer could handle it. With my latest computer upgrade I shouldn't need to do anything like that again, thankfully.

I really love the Odyssey music (at least the first 4 tracks), and I'm planning to remix more of them.