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Non-commercial use

If you wish to use my music for non-commercial purposes, this is usually okay. I will require you to do two things first however:

  • Contact me! As long as you haven't received my approval, you are not allowed to use my music for any purpose other than personal listening, even if you only want to use it with a YouTube video. Don't worry though. Everyone who has asked to use my music so far has been allowed to do so.
  • Credit me in your production. If you're making a piece of software, you need to clearly credit me for my music somewhere in your product that the end user can see. If you're creating a video, you need to credit me in the video itself.

As long as you do these two things, you can use my music all you want. Just be aware that even if you've received my approval to use a piece of music for your product, if it ever becomes a commercial product you'll need to go through the approval process again. See "Commercial use" below.

If you come across my music somewhere and it doesn't seem to follow these two rules, please let me know. These things can be hard to find on my own.

Commercial use

Here things get a bit more iffy. I'm generally positive to letting people use my music commercially, but I expect to be reasonably compensated. The music you wish to license must also not be exclusive to anyone else. Certain music on this site is not available for commercial use because someone else has already paid for exclusivity.

Please contact me so that we can discuss a price. In general, the price will depend upon your budget. It's possible to arrange for either a flat fee, royalties, or a combination of the two.

Hiring me

It's also possible to hire me to compose original music for your project. Regardless of whether or not your project is free or commercial, I am likely to demand a fee for this work, and this fee is going to be higher than if you were going to license already existing music from my site. Once again, please contact me for details.

If your project is non-commercial and will remain that way, and I really like it, it's possible I will offer to do the work for free. Don't be afraid of asking, but also don't be surprised if I turn down your offer. As I have a day job I tend to be very busy, and I do have a life.


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