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Espen Gätzschmann


Espen Gätzschmann






Trondheim, Norway


System developer



Favorite music:

A-Ha, Ayla, Chicane, Oceanlab, Hybrid, Eumir Deodato, E. S. Posthumus, Enigma, Fluke, Knutsen & Ludvigsen, Michael Brook, Propellerheads, Secret Garden, St. Germain, Vangelis, Sonic Mayhem, Bjørn Lynne.

Favorite soundtracks:

The 24 soundtracks by Sean Callery, The Rock by Hans Zimmer, Leon - The Professional and Fifth Element by Eric Serra, Kill Bill by various artists, Pan's Labyrinth by Javier Navarrete, Pulp Fiction by various artists, anything by Danny Elfman, The Bourne Identity/Supremacy by John Powell.


Who am I?

I'm a hobby musician from the frozen north, making music for fun. I usually go by the nickname of TiLT online, and many may only know me by that name. I'm part of a group called Medieval Future along with my friend Tore Aune Fjellstad. We've composed music together for many years, as well as given each other feedback, tips and encouragement. While we aren't particularly active, we've made some music that has become relatively well known. This in particular goes for the soundtrack to The Ur-Quan Masters, an open-source port of the popular PC-game Star Control 2.

I've been composing music for more than 15 years, for the most part with rather primitive tools. I started out using OctaMED on the Amiga. I later moved to Scream Tracker followed by Impulse Tracker on the PC, before abandoning trackers for a while and using Reason. I finally got an opportunity to obtain professional software and hardware, and moved on to Pro Tools and Renoise, both of which I still use today. Pro Tools is useful for music where I need to always have a good overview of the whole song, while Renoise is my utility of choice for everything else.

I usually do not limit myself to predefined genres, instead making the music I want to hear. I have no formal musical education, and as a result my music may move in unexpected directions or be hard to define. I make music first and foremost for my own enjoyment.


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